Friends 2017

Dear friends,
The main reason for the Friends program of the World Community for Christian Meditation is to enable all to receive the gift of silent prayer as we have. Some have more resources than others to support local initiatives and arrange translation of the materials, others such as children and those in prison and in less developed parts of the world, need our support, just as we have benefited from those who have gone before us.

This year our Friends’ appeal consists firstly of passing on Father Laurence’s invitation to each group world-wide to consider becoming a Group Friend by putting out a bowl when we meet to collect loose change. The group then from time to time sends the monies to us and we send them, to the International Office to be used as is most needed at the time. Of course individual donations are as always most welcome. Our Community’s vision is ‘To open hearts, transform lives, build community and change the world – via the practice of meditation’ and, whilst it costs absolutely nothing to practice meditation, if we are to help pass on the wonderful gift that we have each received – at the scale required and to the people who need it most – then our community requires financial support to fund our global mission. 

As you may know this year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the WCCM, and after consulting widely with National Coordinators and other leaders, we have agreed the Community needs a new home: a centre where the essential teaching can be grounded and our outreach developed for future generations – a home where teachers and national communities can be nurtured. Archbishop Rowan Williams comments on “the importance of a centre…the fleshing out of the life in a place”.  It will be a place of peace, beauty and renewal for people to visit and go back to enrich their communities. A ‘house of prayer for all nations” (Mk 11:17) At this stage it is hoped the international retreat centre will be in France, some photos of the proposed home are below.

As an integral part of this vision a Scholarship fund is being set up which will support meditators with limited means to visit and benefit from the new centre and help all members of our Community to understand that it is our centre. We suggest that what is collected by Group Friends over the next six months be part of the Australian contribution to the realisation of this vision, as well as what individuals may wish to donate. The bank and contact details for Friends are below.
With every blessing of love and peace in this anniversary year
Judi and Paul, and Jan
National Friends Coordinators, and National Coordinator
ACMC Friends -- To contact us;
Phone; 02 9954 1037
Postal Address; PO Box 127 North Sydney NSW 2059
Bank details;
A/C Name ACMC Friends
BSB; 083 166
Account No; 867884013

 “The gift is given, the Spirit is in the heart. All prayer is the pure gift of God given to us with infinite generosity”. John Main

Why should we consider supporting the Friends program? 
Once the simple teaching is understood and practiced, it’s a permanent gift with no expiry date. 
All people of every background are receptive to meditation.  However when this is taught within a spiritual tradition, the well-researched physical and psychological benefits, which may have initially motivated practice, become spiritual fruits - the foundations of sane, rational human development
These fruits such as love, compassion, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control lead to increased self-knowledge, mindful awareness, unity of being and an awareness of God from which our innate human potential is uncovered
As you know, we teach meditation within a spiritual tradition, underpinned by a network of weekly groups and a community, all wonderful supports for our long term personal practice.